Workshop Setup

Log Into the AWS Console

To complete this workshop you need an AWS account with administrative permissions. This is needed to create or modify resources and allow AWS RoboMaker to interact with services on your behalf.

Note: We will use us-west-2 (Oregon) for this workshop.

If you are in a classroom setting, we will provide a credit code which you should apply it now. To apply the credit code, select your username from the top right corner of the AWS console and click My Account. Next, click on Credits.

Important: The credit codes provided will cover the cost of this workshop. However, you must clean-up the resources after the workshop has completed.

Launch Cloudformation Stack

Once you have successfully signed into the AWS console, launch the following cloudformation stack to create the required resources:

Launch Stack

This will create:

  • a VPC and pair of subnets and a default security group to run AWS RoboMaker instances in.
  • an S3 bucket to store your Robomaker assets (such as application bundles).
  • Two IAM roles that you will use for the workshop.

Once the stack has launched, take note of the outputs. We will use these values throughout the workshop.

Create Kinesis Video

Finally, open the console for Kinesis Video Streams and create a new stream with the following configuration. When creating the stream, uncheck “Use default settings”:

  • Stream Name: roboMaker_TurtleBot3
  • Data Retention Period: 1 hour

Note the Stream name (roboMaker_TurtleBot3) for later use.

Congratulations! You have completed the setup process of the workshop.