Finding Martians with AWS RoboMaker and the JPL Open Source Rover

In this workshop you become familiar with AWS RoboMaker, a service that enables you to easily develop, simulate and deploy intelligent robot applications that integrate with AWS services. This includes AWS machine learning services, monitoring services, and analytics services that enable a robot to stream data, navigate, communicate, comprehend, and learn. Today, you will simulate the JPL Mars Open Source Rover, and we'll demonstrate the application on a physical robot.

RoboMaker extends the most widely used open-source robotics software framework Robot Operating System, or ROS. Therefore, this workshop will include references to ROS concepts and tools. No previous ROS experience is required, however, if you would like to learn more check out the ROS.

Here is our agenda for the day:

Prep: Workshop Setup

We will start by setting up your AWS account to develop robot applications with AWS RoboMaker.

Activity #1: Open Source Rover

In this activity you will setup a development environment and build, bundle, and simulate a Mars rover in an open world.

Activity #2: Martian Detector

In this activity you will learn how to integrate a robot application with AWS services. You'll use a simulation environment to test your robot application and view the results on a dasboard.

Workshop Clean-up

At the end of the session, considering cleaning up the resources that were created. AWS only charges for consumed resources.

Please read through and complete each activity before starting the next. If something doesn't look correct, ask for assistance as we want to make sure the concept covered are well understood.

Excited to build a Martian-finding Mars rover robot using AWS? Let's get started!